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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cleveland, Texas Baseball History

I want to thank Tommy Ruffino (DHS '70) for posting a link to this article from the Cleveland (Texas) Advocate.  (Click on the image below to view the article.)  

Notice two things as you read the story.  First, the man designated #6 in the photo is L. Hightower.  I'm almost certain this is Coach Dugan Hightower's father, i.e., grandfather of Scotty Hightower Bass (DHS '66).  The second thing is the reference to a famous series of games against the Sugar Land Blues in the fall of 1915.  Since I have a date for The Houston Post article, I should be able to find more info on this epic 7-game battle.
I like the team's nickname, "The Hustlers."  My favorite team name belongs to the Longview Cannibals.  Click here for more about them.