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Monday, May 19, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

Sugar Land Volunteer Fire Department in 1948.

L-to-R: Willie Reese, Jim Nation, & John Cooper at 1949 Imperial Awards Banquet.

1958 Imperial Awards Banquet at Lakeview campus cafeteria.

1962 Imperial Awards Banquet at Lakeview campus cafeteria.

Imperial union negotiations in 1963.

Oates Carroway, Imperial Purchasing Director, with my father (C. E. Kelly, Jr.) on the right and Julius Jochec on the left.

Can anyone guess the identity of these people?  (The baby is now a grandmother.)

September 1964.  (Lum Harris was a resident of Sugar Land, Texas.)

John Binford on the left and my grandfather (C. E. Kelly, Sr.) on the right.  They were both refinery gatemen in 1962.

Another Sugar Land baseball team in 1919.

Otis Enquist, the man to call if you needed some repair work on you company house.

W. H. Louviere, Sr. with Governor Price Daniel circa 1960 as they celebrate Imperial's 15 billionth pound of sugar.

Earl Tise, Sr. in the late 1950s