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Thursday, May 8, 2014

More Images of Old Sugar Land

The following aerial photos aren't the best, but I thought I'd post them because they show areas of town that have changed quite a bit.  I'm not exactly sure of the dates, but I'd guess they were taken in 1969 or 1970.
At the bottom, you get a good view of Savoy before it was developed.

Another view of the same general area from a greater distance, showing more of Venetian Estates.

Oyster Creek Drive before Sugar Lakes was developed.  Crop dusters took off and landed in the large open field.

A view of the west side of town.  Stink Creek is the ditch near the middle of the right side of the photo.

Matlage Way had not been developed when this aerial was taken.

A view of the same general area from a higher elevation.

A view of the same area from further south.  The drainage canal is at the bottom of the photo.

Prison farm land is in view at the lower left.

A photo from 1913 showing the Mercantile Store on the left and the drug store on the right.

About the best I can do showing the same location today.

Note the short article about the new Post Office that just opened on Matlage Way.  This page comes from The Imperial Crown issued in July 1984.