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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Roger 'The Rocket' Clemens on the mound at Constellation Park

My thanks go to Randy Edwards (DHS '67) for taking me to the Skeeters game last Saturday night when Roger Clemens took the mound for the Skeeters.  (He has season tickets behind the Skeeters dugout about 10 rows up.) I took a video camera.  Here's a 12-minute video of Roger's 3-1/3 innings.  (Actually, I didn't get video of the 1st inning.)

It was an exciting evening for local baseball fans, the Skeeters, and Sugar Land. I'm hoping the Skeeters will be a big success, so I enjoyed the buzz.

I got a note tonight from Terrell Smith (DHS '78) telling me that's his brother Gregg in the picture below.  I saw this picture all over the Internet, but didn't know Gregg is his brother.

Photo by Tom B. Shea/Getty Images