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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sports Ephemera

I found a Web site recently with 'ephemeral' from Houston's history. These were common-place things that are rarely saved, like cocktail napkins, business cards, advertising fliers, movie tickets, etc.

Rick Kirkpatrick had a couple of interesting (to me) items in his family archive. The first was an unused ticket to the first regular season game in the Astrodome. The 'Stros played Philadelphia & lost 2-0. Chris Short beat Bob Bruce.

The second item is a ticket to the Ali - Williams fight in the Astrodome in 1966. My father went to the fight, too. I remember him saying the most impressive thing that night was the 'Ali Shuffle.' He said Ali's feet were so fast, they were a blur -- like a ballet dancer's.

Here's a 10-minute video of the whole fight