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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dorothy Schultz Gandy

Many of you have heard that Dorothy Schultz Gandy died recently. She was a long-time Sugar Land resident & a member of Sugar Land High School's Class of 1940.

I had some video of her from 2002. As you'll see, several women who'd lived in Sugar Land for many years got together to talk about old times. Mrs. Gandy was one of them.

The video & audio is a little rough, but I hope you can follow the discussion. Note that Mrs. Gandy was a veteran. (I'd wanted to post this Monday - Memorial Day - but I had some technical glitches with YouTube. I gather from what she said that she was a lieutenant & Sweat Pea, her husband, was a sergeant.)

I didn't know until I attended her funeral that she was an Elvis fan.

I heard some real good stories that day.

(Note: YouTube & Sony are brutal about digital rights. I had to take out the music to get this to work. Just hum an Elvis tune at the beginning & the end where there's no sound track. I suggest 'It's Now Or Never,' or 'If I Can Dream.' Those are the songs I tried to use.)

Link to Part 1 of Video (10-1/2 mins)

Link to Part 2 of Video (8 mins)