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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stuart Clarkson, Assistant Football Coach at SLHS

I never knew Stu Clarkson's story until Jon Pitts (DHS '61) told it to me a few years ago. Clarkson died on the sidelines in Hitchcock, Texas as Sugar Land played Hitchcock on October 25th, 1957. I found an account of the story in The Houston Chronicle. It says he was dead on arrival at Alvin Memorial Hospital in Alvin. The last image shows a plaque dedicating the scoreboard at Kempner Stadium in his honor. I never really looked at the plaque although it's been there since October, 1958.


  1. I recently received this comment from Joe Middlebrooks: 'Chuck, Coach did not die on the sidelines.....He was in the back seat of the school's 57 Chevy with me. Mr. Mercer and Jack were in front seat. We were trying to get him to hospital in Hitchcock. It was a very sad event when Mr.Mercer told all the team. JoeM'

  2. I remember when coach clarkson died... I was in the hospital after an appendectomy .... Half the football team came into my room the next morning...very upset boys.... Coach Clarkson was a great, much respected man.

  3. This is Stu Clarkson's son, Scott Clarkson, and I just wanted to thank you for bringing this memorial at the Stadium to our attention. I'll be sure to visit the stadium in the near future. Best regards.