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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wild Fish Tales

I had a recent conversation with an old high school classmate about fishing. I don't recall the details, but alligator gars came up. I have posted the following photo in the past, but I don't think he's ever seen it. It shows a gar caught in the Sugar Land area, I'm not sure where, and I don't know who the man is. Maybe someone will recognize him. Visual clues suggest the date is sometime around 1952. That's an impressive fish.

Alligator gar, 1952.

We also talked about noodling, or catching fish my hand, particularly cat fish. He knew I wasn't the type to wade a creek or river bank and stick my hand in a hole, pulling out a big fish (or something else!) hiding in there. However, I told him a branch of my mother's family (the Rachuigs) were big noodlers up in Bosque County northwest of Waco.  I have visual evidence to prove it. Click the image view an album of photos.
Noodlers in training about 1935. (My mother is the noodler second from the right.)