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Thursday, June 1, 2017

News at the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation

In addition to yesterday's (May 31, 2017) announcement about the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation & Sugar Land Visitor's Center, there is more news about the Heritage Foundation. First, the foundation hosted a dinner for its volunteers on May 3. (Many thanks to board member Allison Wen for sponsoring the soiree at Safari Texas.)

The top of program was a presentation by Jim Murnane, Imperial Market developer. He walked us through the plans for the old Imperial refinery site. Here are some of the key points:

  • construction will begin in July 2017 and be completed in December 2018. (It's ambitious, but reasonable.)
  • the Char House will be a Marriott Signature Hotel. (They made this choice because Marriott's Signature line maintains the history and character of their locations.)
  • tenants will not include national franchises. (Local owners/operators will occupy the retail spaces to give a community feel to the site.)
  • tenants will undergo a thorough review to ensure long-term occupancy.
  • free transportation (trolley) will be available on the site. (Boat tours are under consideration.)

Click here to view the graphics that accompanied Jim's presentation. I will have more on Imperial Market in the coming months. I think this is exciting.

Some of you may have seen KHOU's Great Day Houston program which featured our town. If not, click this link to take a look.