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Thursday, June 1, 2017

News & Updates

I regret that, once again, I have bad news to pass along. My thanks go to Ella Patterson who relayed news of Charles Allison's death she received from Beverly Wharton. Charles and Beverly graduated from Dulles in 1973. I searched for an obituary, but could not find one. God bless Charles and the Allison family.

Charles Allision, DHS '73.

Ella also notified me that Margaret Lindsay, long-time resident of Mayfield Park, died in early May. I know her son, Eddie, who graduated from Dulles in 1969. Here's a brief obituary. My deepest condolences to Eddie, his brother Carl, and sisters, Dianne and Sharon.

Just a few days ago, Roger Howard notified me that Mary Amaro de la Cruz passed away. Mary graduated with Roger in the Class of '63 at Dulles. George Morales (DHS '63) sent this obituary, which included many things I never knew about Mary. (I remember when she worked at the post office in Sugar Land.) I hope Mary's extended family finds genuine comfort after the loss of their loved one.

My final bit of news concerns Steve Shelton, also in the Class of '63 at Dulles. He suffered a stroke a few weeks ago and was hospitalized here in Sugar Land. I mistakenly thought he was on his way to recovery, but I understand that he's back in the hospital. I thought his friends would want to know he needs their prayers and kind wishes for a strong recovery. I'll pass along any new when I hear it.

I have one update from Ronald Miller (SLHS '51). After reading about B. I. Webb's recent death, he sent me this comment:

Charles, thank you for BI's obituary.  Our days of hunting together is now over, but I know that I'll bump into him again.  He was a great class mate, storyteller and friend.  I have been missing his phone calls and thought of him yesterday, not knowing what was going on. Ron

Here's a good photo of B. I. enjoying life.
 George 'B. I.' Webb in the 1950s.