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Saturday, November 7, 2015

More People of Old Sugar Land

Organizers of the 50th reunion for Dulles High's Class of '65.  I recognize several of those people.  They were seniors when I was a freshman.

The Otis Enquist family standing on the west side of Brooks St. before Guenther St. was extended west.  As you can see they are standing in a field where cabbages were grown.

Mrs. Burke's 1995 kindergarten class at Lakeview Elementary.  Thank you, Kevin Lampson, the little fella in the red shirt.

The children of Frances & Herbert Schumann with friends.  (Thank you Mark Schumann who is the baby being held by his sister Margaret.  This looks to be about 1959.)

My mother, Sally Rachuig Kelly on the left, with her sister, Mayme Rachuig Haus, in 1935.

My aunt, Mayme Rachuig Haus, with my mother, Sally Rachuig Kelly on the right, at a piano recital in 1937.