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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Missouri City High School

I wanted to post another round of Missouri City High School photos I got from Lee Elkins LeGrand (DHS '71) and daughter of Lawrence Elkins (MCHS '42), long-time administrator in Fort Bend ISD.

The first photo shows Lawrence at the Missouri City garage in 1941.  Obviously, that's Highway 90A in the background.
The next photo shows the Missouri City Mustang football team of 1940.  They look pretty fierce to me.  There are annotations on the back, which you can see immediately below.

The next photo of a MCHS boys basketball team is undated, but my best guess is that it shows the '53 squad.  Bobby Williams (Class of '53) is number 21 in the second row.  Coach Elkins is on the left.  I'm hoping my Missouri City friends can identify more players and determine the year.