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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

More People of Old Sugar Land

I noticed this article in a local newspaper recently.  As it says, Sugar Land's oldest American Legion Post hosted a blood drive earlier this month, and I wanted to give their good deed some modest publicity.  Click here to read the article from the Fort Bend Star.

I want to thank Tommy Laird (DHS '67) for bringing the story of Dr. Leo Windecker to my attention.  The Windeckers were the Laird's neighbors in the late '50s.  I'm sure few people in town knew what Dr. Windecker was up to -- he had an early career as a dentist but developed an interest in aeronautical engineering and became a forefather of stealth technology.  Who knew?

[A brief note on Google's photos.  Looks like they've changed their application again.  I have to download the images, which is just a click on the down arrow icon, to magnify the images.  I use Firefox as my browser, but I assume that's something everyone will have to do.]