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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stafford & Missouri City News

Late last month the Stafford Historical Society unveiled a collection of historical plaques in old town Stafford.  Click here to view an article from The Houston Chronicle.

I want to thank Sadie Williams, President of the Historical Society, for sending me these additional photos.  (You see various scenes from the event.  The first shows Stafford Mayor Leonard Scarcella and local dignitaries.  The last one shows the Rudy family in front of the Rudy-Katz Building.)

I first learned about St. John Missionary Baptist Church at the February quarterly meeting of the Fort Bend County Historical Commission.  A delegation explained their project to restore the church which was damaged by a major fire in 2006.  The church, located off Oil Field Road in Missouri City, was established by Freedmen in 1869, so it has deep historical roots.  As you'll read in the accompanying article from The Houston Chronicle, it's a real testimony of faith that the congregation has kept the church viable at its current location.  Click here to read the newspaper article

The delegation distributed brochures at the Historical Commission meeting, which included the following photos taken by Gabriel Cuellar.  I've taken the liberty of posting them here to give a better idea of the church, its condition, and location.  

I'm sure I'll have more information on this restoration project in the future.

One last item: I found the photo below of Missouri City High School's Class of '59 at their 20th reunion in 1979.  Wanda Morris Scarpinato (DHS '64) shared it on Facebook from her friend Gerry Batte Russell.  (I hope Gerry doesn't mind me posting it here.)  Unfortunately, I don't have complete identifications of the alums.