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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Imperial Sugar Photos from 1954

The December 1954 issue of The Imperial Crown, the sugar company's monthly employee bulletin, contained the following photos.  They show the employee awards banquet held in November at the Sugar Land Shopping Center at Highway 90A and Brooks Street.

Unfortunately, the photos have no captions.  I know from other sources that the young boys eating ice cream are the Reyes brothers.   I recognize Sparky Brock, Vlasta Fatheree, Willie Reese, I. H. Kempner, Sr., and a few others, but many are unrecognizable to me.  Can anyone help?

Here are a couple of bonus photos that come from the early 1970s or later.  Although I've posted similar photos before, I wanted to show these because they are in color.

The Distribution Warehouse, which is still standing.

Although this may be the Raw Sugar Warehouse in Galveston, I think it's the Warehouse in Sugar Land, which is still standing.