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Thursday, April 9, 2015

More Baseball Lore

Earlier this year I found a piece of major league baseball history which had just been made available to the public. It was newly digitized home movies taken by Helen (Mrs. Jimmie) Foxx during a trip to Japan in 1934.  She accompanied her husband and other major leaguers on a 10-day goodwill tour.  It's an interesting story, even if you aren't a big baseball fan.  Click here to access the video.

I sent the link to several friends who are big baseball fans, and Johnny Harris (DHS '64) sent me this comment about his father, Luman Harris, who many may remember as a coach and manager of the Colt .45s and Houston Astros.  Here's what Johnny said:

Those are great ... Foxx hit a home run off my dad when he pitched for Connie Mack and the old Philadelphia A's.  The way my dad told me the story was Mr. Mack told him not to throw him a high inside fastball ... Well, my dad, being a control-type pitcher, got the fast ball sign from his catcher and thought "Hmm, I can keep it down on him" ... Well, of course the ball flew high and inside and Foxx hit it so far you would need two bus tokens to go get it ... The worst part came as he went back to the dugout to face Mr. Mack ... No one ever called him 'Connie.'
Sugar Land resident Luman Harris was the newly appointed manager of the Colt .45s (September 1964)