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Saturday, September 27, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

Many of you will have heard that Fred Mora, Sr. (SLHS '59) passed away last weekend.  Here is an obituary in case you missed it.  My sincerest condolences go to Modesta, their children, and the extended Mora family.

I want to thank Bill Fisher (DHS '71) for letting me use these images he posted on Facebook.

The first two show some of his classmates when they were in the 8th grade at Dulles Junior High.

L-to-R: Emily Neal, Sara Butts, Michelle Jons, & Tuta Hightower.

L-to-R: Larry ?, Jimmy Payne (back), Kenneth Meyer (bottom), & Buster Corrick.

This last one shows his 5th grade class at E. O. Jones Elementary in Missouri City.  They had participated in a project to raise money for improvements at the San Jacinto Monument.  Notice the banner in front.

Top Row: Tommy Clifton, Vincent Medina, Johnny Joe Arias, Tony Guerrera, Joe Arriaga, Tom Jacobi. Fourth Row: Ms. Kaough, Mr. Robb, Rose Medrano, Marcella Padilla, Marsha Ferguson (?), Ms. Tucker. Third Row: James Wosnitzky, Linda Cortz, Sally Rodriguez, Joseph DuBois, Vincent Morales, Rebecca Chahin, Linda Hitt. Second Row: Cecilia Court, Lee Elkins, Beth Baxter, Dolores Durdin, Sarah Butts, Michelle Jons, Bernadette Harriman, Debbie Craven. Bottom Row: Carl James, Kenneth Meyer, Grady Hernandez, Bill Fisher, Weldon Sheard, John Guilen.

This final photo comes courtesy of Linda Kruse Wilson (DHS '65).  It shows members of her class when they were in junior high way back when.
L-to-R: Stephanie Youngblood, Pat Sanders, Edith Lafferty, Joan Davis, Helen Pausewang, Linda Kruse, & Susan Kuykendal.