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Sunday, July 6, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

Many Dulles alums plus people with connections to Fort Bend ISD know that Larry Patterson (DHS '73) died suddenly last week.  Here is a an obituary for him.  My brother told me that he was an avid baker and planned to open a pie shop once he'd retired.  (As you'll see he was an assistant principle at Kempner High School at the time of his retirement.)  My best wishes and sincere condolences to the extended Patterson family.
Larry Patterson (from the 1970 Viking)
I saw some discussion on Facebook about the First Baptist Church in Sugar Land.  Jean McCord Babineaux (SLHS '47) let me scan the following photo from her mother's scrapbook.  She told me who all the men were, but I didn't take notes.  (I plan to talk with her again to get their names correct.)  Carla, Roy, and others can probably identify those that I've missed.  The photo was taken when the sanctuary at 5th & Wood Streets was completed in 1954.  The building is now the Manantial Iglesia Bautista.
Left to right: Acord, Usrey, Brock, ?, Rev. Lewis, Rister, McCord, Rawson, ?
This next item is a newspaper article from the Texas Farm and Industrial News issued in Sugar Land on July 18, 1919.  It reports on a dance party held on the roof of the Auditorium.  Apparently no one went 'overboard,' but it sounds like they had a good time.  They even got an orchestra from the Rice Hotel.
Belinda Jenkins Faison (DHS '69) asked me recently about the PTA fundraiser held in the Auditorium in 1962.  (By the way, I want to thank Al Bartolo for giving me the date.  I didn't have anything indicating it, so his info was a big help.)  I've posted a few entries about it in the past, but many of you may have missed them.  Here they are.

This first one is a promotional photo that appeared in The Mirror.
I also have a program of the event, courtesy of the Scotty Hightower Bass (DHS '66).  AND, I received some home movies of the dress rehearsal from the Bill Little family, although I'm not sure who did the filming.  I haven't put any sound to it, but it's still amusing to see old time Sugar Land having a good time.  I remember attending.  I don't remember if he appears in the film, but Coach Bill Appelt was the emcee.  (Belinda: The Hula Dance is at the end of the first clip.)
Click here to see the program and videos.
And last but not least, this is a photo I took of my parents in 1958 or '59.  It's probably one of the first photos I took, if not the first.  They are standing on the front steps of our house on Guenther St.