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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PTA Follies

A few months ago I posted a program from the Sugar Land PTA Follies staged at the Auditorium in 1964. (Scotty Hightower Bass sent it to me.) Several years ago I got a video of the dress rehearsal. It came from Bill Little although I'm not sure he actually did the filming. Al Bartolo may have done it. Regardless, it's a real treasure. (I had to search high-and-low in my archives to find it. That's the reason it's taken so long to get it on this blog.)

I'm reposting the program so you can determine who's who as you watch it. (As with most images on this blog, click on them to see an enlarged version.)

If anyone can determine the exact date, please send it to me, so I can post it.

There are some repeated scenes. The entire video was too large to post to YouTube, so my brother Bruce clipped it into two pieces.

Part One

Part Two


  1. OMG. Who are the men in drag in the first clip??? I seem to remember part of this show, but didn't they do another one the following year?? I especially remember Joy Bartolo doing "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend" a la Marilyn Monroe. It was quite a hoot!!!

    Cindy Buehring Gustin

  2. I haven't looked at the video recently, but I know one clip has LaRay Ledger, Herb Shelton, Kenneth Landin, Al Bartolo and others in it.

    I don't know about any other follies. I saw this one. Maybe I missed a later one.