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Sunday, March 30, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land Featuring Dr. Carlos Slaughter

I want to thank Janice Hrncir for the following photographs of Carlos & Vera Slaughter.  Her mother was Iris Hrncir, long-time nurse for Dr. Slaughter.  Iris inherited various pieces of memorabilia from the doctor's estate when he died in the early 1980s.  She is now decease, so Janice and her sisters are donating several items to the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation.  At some point these items will be on display in the Museum, so come down and take a look -- I'll give you an alert.  Until then, I'll select a few items to post on this blog along with more lore about Dr. Slaughter.
Carlos & Vera Slaughter around 1935.

Dr. Carlos Alva Slaughter around 1935.
Dr. Carlos Alva Slaughter around 1935.
1938 Imperial softball team. Standing l-to-r: Carter Lomax, Carroll Scarborough, Rudy Pagel, Leroy Starr, J. W. Boston, Leo Pagel, Frank Schultz. Kneeling l-to-r: Ralph McCord, Otto Hrncir, Bill Harman, Monroe Elskes, Sparky Brock, Walter Prikryl, Vernon Hill.  Bat boy: Claude 'Tootie' Douglas.

Sparky Brock & Pansy Vaculik (?) in the old Imperial refinery Machine Shop sometime in the early 1960s.

April 1962 photo of an Imperial bowling team: Otto Schindler, Bob Armstrong, Sparky Brock, W. H. Louviere, Sr., Kenneth Hall, Lloyd Tyer, and Bubba Kleim on the far right.

W. H. Louviere presenting a trophy to Sparky Brock, presumed captain of the bowling team.