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Sunday, March 23, 2014

A History of Sugarland Industries - Part 5

This week is an overview of the entities that made up Sugarland Industries.  Of course, it's constituent parts changed quite a bit over time, but Bob Armstrong included a good org chart in his book, Sugar Land, Texas and the Imperial Sugar Company.  He didn't put a date on it, but I think it depicts the organization in the '50s and '60s.

I wanted to include this brief bio of Tom James we have in the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation files.  It covers his personal background as well as his role as President of Sugarland Industries.  Note his other business and community pursuits.

As a small bonus, here is a photo of the Humble Bulk Agency listed in Bob's org chart.  It was located on Imperial Boulevard, and offered bulk quantities of Humble Oil Company fuels.  I know my father and grandfather bought unleaded gas (know then as white gas) for their lawn mowers at the bulk station.

Looking west down Imperial Blvd. from Ulrich St.