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Monday, February 10, 2014


I want to thank everyone who has helped clear up information relating to recent posts.  I always appreciate getting the details right.  I'm certain future generations will appreciate accuracy from 'those who were there.'

First up is Jackie James (SLHS '57) who had this comment on the photo of Mabel Greenwald.

I am interested in where you got the information on how old Mabel Greenwald was when she died.  The picture of Mary Alice, Ernie and her brings to my mind a happening on that day that was very funny to me, and I have had fun telling it. 

It was a group of Presbyterian Ladies who went to see her, and I am almost positive it was her 105th b/d, and she died at 106, so that is why I was wondering where you got your info.  Anyway, this is the story that I was told ...... Ernie Wood walked up to Mabel when they first got there and got right in her face and said, "Hello Mabel, do you know who this is?" and pointed to herself.  Mabel answered, "I know who you are, but if you don't know who you are, you're in trouble!!!!"

I no longer have the printed photo, but I copied the date from an annotation on the back.  It may have been incorrect, or I may have misread it.  I'm sure Jackie is right.  I'm sure she's right when she also mentioned that the picture of Susan and Odell Wood on their front steps was taken in 1939, rather than 1938.  My apologies to Susan (SLHS '57) -- I didn't mean to add a year to her age.

Next is my brother Bruce (DHS '70) who had this comment about the relocation of homes shown in the aerial photo immediately below.

I did the research a while back from the rent records, and the houses along 90A across from Nalco are the ones on the east side of Brooks Street starting with the Warmke house.  I think Etna Schindler's house was mixed in; I think I've seen a picture where it sat next to the old Sugar Land Motor Company where The Palms was built.  The houses on S. Belknap came from the west side of Brooks Street, moved to make way for the shopping center.

One of the houses on S. Belknap used to sit just north of the Teacherage where the detention pond now is and fronted Oyster Creek.  A family by the name of Sliedel [sp?] lived there. They moved a garage apartment with it that used to side in the ally just a few feet north of our back gate.  You might remember the Sleidel house; it's where the Charlie Cheneys lived when we were little.

You can follow the movement of these houses by looking at the rent records.

Finally, I want to thank Tommy Laird (DHS '67) and my Aunt Mayme (SLHS '48) for improving the legibility of the aerial photo referenced in Bruce's comment.  It's a great photo with plenty of good detail.