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Monday, February 10, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

I want to thank the Earnest family, particularly Judy and Carolyn, and Haroldetta Robertson for letting me scan these images for the blog.  Mildred and Edward Earnests were mainstays of Sugar Land ISD and FBISD.  They lived on 6th Street, and you can see some of the area in the backgrounds of these photos.

Judy or Carolyn provided identifications of the women in the following photo.  Back row left to right: Edwina (Mrs. Archie) Milam, Beth (Mrs. LeRoy) Mills, Margaret (Mrs. M. B.) Watson, and Mildred Rozelle.  Front row left to right: Helen Rozelle, Dorothy (Mrs. Joe Bob) Hughes, Eva Beth (Mrs. Don) Williams, and Marjorie (Mrs. T. C., Jr.) Rozelle.

I failed to note the exact date for this article, but I think it came from a 1968 issue of The Imperial Crown.

I found the Crown article that goes with the Dulles HS Junior Achievement photos I posted a few weeks ago.  Here it is.  (Note there are a few typos in the identifications.)