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Monday, February 17, 2014

More Snow Images of Old Sugar Land

I want to thank Marsha Krause Smith (DHS '68) for sending me these additional images of the February 12, 1960 snowstorm in Sugar Land.  (I included, at the very last minute, a couple of her images in last week's post.)  Her father, B. F. Krause, took these photos at the Krause family home on Alkire Lake.  These are color slides, which have aged well in my opinion.
Krause family backyard on Alkire Lake.

Krause family home on Alkire Lake.

Marsha throwing a snowball.

B. F. Krause building a snowman.

Snowball fight - Rick Kirkpatrick & Marsha Krause Smith.

Marsha & Rick with the snowman.

Krause family home on Alkire Lake.

Rick & Marsha with snowman.

Rick & Marsha with snowman.
I want to thank Carlos Tarver (SLHS '53) for giving me the following image of him and his grandparents, Martha & Bruno Pausewang, in the big 1949 snowstorm.  The location is the Pausewangs' farm south of town in what is now First Colony.

Finally, we have this photo from The Imperial Crown published in February 1973.  As the caption states (and some of you remember), we had 3 snowfalls that winter.