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Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Storm, February 12, 1960

(A lightning update) Marsha Krause Smith (DHS '68) just sent me these great color photos of the 1960 snow storm.  Oops, I just learned that these photos come from the Krause family. I should have recognized the front of their home, but I didn't.  I believe Esther Kirkpatrick took them.  They show Marsha a Rick in the Kirkpatricks' backyard and a shot of their roof with accumulated snow.  Many thanks, Marsha.

On Friday, February 12, 1960 a significant amount of snow fell on Sugar Land.  I don't recall the official figure, and I'm too lazy to look it up, but I think it was about 3 inches, which was pretty significant for us. 

I recall that it began snowing in the afternoon while we were in school celebrating Valentine's Day.  When we were dismissed, there was a decent accumulation and no signs of it stopping.  It snowed into the night and didn't stop till early Saturday morning.

Here are a few photos of the event.  The first one shows our house on Oyster Creek Drive on Saturday morning after the snow had stopped.  You can see the dirty remnants of a snowman, or more accurately the attempt at building one.  I think we abandoned the task (or stopped to rest) when we tried to put a 1.5' diameter torso on the big snowball in the foreground.  We severely underestimated the weight of packed snow, but then we had very little experience with the white stuff.

I think T. C. Rozelle probably took the next two photos.  This first is from atop the Char House looking southeastward toward the creek.  The second is on the east end of Lakeview looking westward down the street.  The camera is sited where the drainage ditch goes under the street, about two blocks from Eldridge Road.

He probably intended to use these photos in The Imperial Crown, but they didn't turn out well enough for that.  I've posted a couple of pages from Crowns which show photos of the snow.  One appeared in February and the other in December as part of a year-end wrap up.  Notice the photo of the windstorm just prior to the snow.  I don't remember that, and I can't place the location of the photo.

Finally, here are a couple of items from different snow falls.  The first is a photo of Lakeview further west, nearer the school campus, after a snowfall in the winter of 1958.  It snowed less than an inch, I think, but it's the first snowfall I remember.  There was just enough on Guenther St. to make a few snowballs.

I've posted this last short video before, but it's a very light snowfall that occurred in 1963 or 1964.  I can't really remember which.