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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Driver's Education in the mid-1960s

Rick Kirkpatrick (DHS '67) & Linda Hagler Mosk (DHS '68) saved their driver's tests & temporary licenses. I think I have my temporary license, but I'm sure I didn't save my test sheet. I remember I had 10 points deducted, which I interpreted as a 90% grade. I recall Dale Meyers took the exame when I did. He got a 100% grade.

You'll probably remember we also took a written exam, so the sheets you see below covered just the driving test in which a DPS officer rode with you through Richmond (the area around the court house) & monitored your proficiency. I think there were occassions when a student driver violated a traffic law (like ran a stop sign) & flunked the test immediately in which case the officer would halt the test & command the miscreant to skulk back to the courthouse in shame.

You can see that Linda & Rick did pretty well although they had a rough time with parallel parking. (Linda seemed to have a lead foot at times.) I've included a scan of the standard text on the reverse of the test sheet.

Rolund, Runge & Walker are the offers' names on these forms. I don't recognize any of them. Officer Mladinka is the only DPS man in Sugar Land that I can recall.