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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Imperial Sugar Company Refinery Implosion

Johnson Development imploded two buildings on the Imperial Refinery site in Sugar Land today (12/19/2010). This is a 10-minute video of the event. We will have a longer, more polished video soon.

This one shows the demolition from 3 perspectives. I've put in some descriptive info, so you'll know what happened. Bruce captured some very good footage of the sudden (unplanned) collapse of the Furnace Building. I haven't seen any that's nearly as close to the building. (Most photographers & videographers were caught off guard). If you look closely, you'll see a worker scurrying away from the building as it collapses. Watch for him in the lower right of the frame as he appears out of the dust cloud.

My thanks to Kevin Lampson for letting me use one of his clips. (I don't have access to all the footage we shot, so I needed to borrow from him.)

Imperial Refinery Implosion 12/19/2010