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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fort Bend Mirror Post-Carla Edition, 1961

My thanks to Shirley Laird for lending me this issue of The Fort Bend Mirror. It's devoted to the aftermath of Hurricane Carla. Notice the edition of The Viking Shield. I didn't know Ed Scanlin suffered a broken ankle in the '61 football season. I never would have guessed that Mary Louise Court's nickname was 'Toots.' My grandmother appears in the Lost & Found column.

(Update) I received the following note from David Wickersham (Davenport). I thought it was a hoot. "
Thanks for the post. Ed did break his leg in 61. I lived down the street from the Eldridge Hospital and visited him several times. He was getting cabin fever after a few days, so some of the kids, I think Carolin Triola was one of them, snuck him out the window and I got in his bed and covered up like I was him sleeping. They took him to the Dairy Queen for a treat. While he was gone I got busted by the nurse, I think her name was Ms. Neema. We had a good laugh but she did not think it funny. Big lecture. Ed, being the artist he was, drew a city scape on his cast. When the itching got to be more than he could stand, he cut the door to one of the buildings and made some hinges so he could open the door and stick a coat hanger inside to scratch. It stunk real bad when he opened that door. Best Regards, and Merry Christmas."

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  1. Of course, I couldn't read in 1961 (I was only 2 at the time), but it was fun to see the old Fort Bend Mirror and the ad for my dad's TV shop on page 8.