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Monday, November 22, 2010

Rice vs A&M, November 15, 1958

One last A&M/football item. It's a short clip of the 1958 Rice - A&M game I found in our family's home movies. I remember my father taking his camera with him. I wish he'd taken more movies of college football games, but this is it. My dad and I rode to the game with my aunt, uncle and cousin.
We sat in the upper east stands at Rice Stadium just above the corps of cadets.

The first college game I can remember is the 1956 A&M - Arkansas game in College Station. I was bowled over by the whole thing: the immaculate green grass on the field, bright lights (it was a night game), vivid colors of the uniforms and the large crowd.

Link to video of Rice vs A&M, 1958