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Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Little More Dulles High School History

Roberta Cooke Prater, a Dulles alum and a teacher at the school, asked if I had any photos of the Dulles High School Rodeo. I found a few in old Viking yearbooks. I may find more in old copies of the Viking Shield, a page in the old Fort Bend Mirror for journalism students to publicize school events, activities, teachers, and students. The Mirror had an identical page for Lamar Consolidated High School.

Click the image below to view the album of photos. Note the first photo which I found in the '61 Viking. It's not relevant, but I couldn't resist showing the entrance to the original school, which was located next to the Missouri City Gym.  (It was old Missouri City High School, which became E. O. Jones Elementary after Dulles moved to its new campus on Dulles Avenue in 1962.)