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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Couple of Stories from the Texas Commercial News, December 6, 1924

We've been researching the Sugar Land Railway recently.  I remembered the following article about W. T. Eldridge, Sr.'s purchase of gas railroad cars in late 1924.

These are narrow-gauge cars intended for light haulage.  Brill was the manufacturer, and they are still in business, I think.   One car was destined for Asherton which is located south of San Antonio near Carrizo Springs.  Eldridge owned a narrow-gauge railroad out there.

Eldridge bought another car for use on the Sugar Land Railway.  Since it was a narrow-gauge car, it would have run on the line that ran west from Sugar Land through the prison farm to Foster Farms near the Brazos River.  When local planters stopped growing sugar cane in the late 1920s, this line became unprofitable.  Eldridge abandoned it in the early 1930s.  A few traces of the railway remain hidden in cow pastures and patches of scruffy undergrowth.

Notice the last sentence about duck hunting.  The same issue of the News contained the following article about Sugar Land's Game Preserve Club.  I presume this was a group allowed to hunt game birds on Sugarland Industries land.  I've seen Cow Lake on old maps, but I can't recall its precise location except it was/is west of Sugar Land.