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Monday, May 23, 2011

Fort Bend Mirror, June 1, 1961

My thanks to the Helmcamp family for letting me scan a few pages from this 1961 edition of The Fort Bend Mirror. Notice the new construction photos of Dulles High School on what was then called Lester Road. There's an article about the proposed Holy Family Church building in Stafford.

The second scanned page has a promotional article about the Western Auto Store in Sugar Land, which we always referred to as "Jimmy's."

The last page has a promotion for an appearance by Don Mahoney & Jeanna Clair at the Shopping Center. (They got her name wrong.) I recall seeing them at the super market.

Link to album of images


  1. Jimmy Couvillion was the manager of the Western Auto store for many years. His wife, Irene, was my mother's sister. She lived in the same house on Brooks Street for over 60 years. Every time there was a dark cloud, she would either take us down to the 'store' or unplug everything electrical and play cards with us in the middle bedroom (one window, very dark.) I learned to count by playing Canasta.

  2. Donna Tarver Romero 71 DullesNovember 29, 2011 at 5:07 AM

    Lovely people The Couvillion's. We lived across from them on Books Street when we were little and then my Grnparents retired in that home until they passed away. Remember how sweet they both were on the street and in the hardware store....