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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Priscilla Coleman Harden (DHS '68) May Be America's Worst Cook

Marsh Krause Smith (DHS '68) sent me a note a few weeks ago saying one of our Dulles classmates, Priscilla Coleman Harden, was a contestant on the Food Network's program, "America's Worst Cooks."
(There's a link to the newspaper article below.) I thought this was a hoot because Priscilla sat right behind me in Mrs. McGinnis's home room for two years. I presume Bytherd Varnau would have a fit if she knew one of her girls was on a show like this.

I don't have cable television, so I haven't kept up with the competition. If you watch the Food Network and tune in to the show, vote early and often for Priscilla. (The bottom link will take you to the show's Web site.)

(Update) I got a note from Robert Brandon, also in the Class of '68, saying Priscilla was eliminated a few weeks ago. I guess you can view that as good bad news or good news.

Link to Houston Chronicle article about Priscilla Coleman Harden (DHS '68)

Link to Web Site for Food Network's America's Worst Cook