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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The 1900 Storm

Tomorrow, September 8th, is the 116th anniversary of the Galveston hurricane disaster. My niece and nephew alerted me to two videos of contemporaneous film taken by the Thomas A. Edison Co. They are both rather short. Just click the images to access them.
           A panoramic shot not far from East Beach.

                 A 5-minute collection of various locations.     

Fort Bend County suffered considerable damage and loss of life after the storm swept inland. Newspaper accounts say the Cunningham Sugar Refinery was severely damaged, but I don't know off-hand if any lives were lost in Sugar Land.

Click this link to view an image of the El Paso Daily Herald published on September 10, 1900. The front page is devoted to news of the storm, but if you'll pan and scroll down to the bottom of the right-most column, you'll see brief reports from Sugar Land and neighboring localities.