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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

News & Updates

I want to catch up on news-&-update items that have collected in the recent past.  The first is an identification sent from Donna Christopher Baker (DHS '63) regarding the man in the photo below.

Moses Shelton near the time of his retirement in the '60s.
She spoke with her aunt, Faye Martin Baker, who tells us his name was Moses Shelton.  Faye said he also worked for her father, Robert F. Martin, who ran the lumberyard.  Many thanks to Donna and Faye for this identification.

I got some help from Jackie James (SLHS '57).  She has told me her father is the man on the far left in this photo from 1959, showing a tour of the new Melt House.  I wondered if that was her father (not W. H. Louviere, Sr.), but I couldn't be sure without confirmation.

 L to r: Tom James, Hugh Lynn, W. O. Caraway, & George Andre touring Imperial's new Melt House in 1959.
Jackie also told me the next photo was taken at the Slot home on Dogwood back in the '60s, and that's her daughter, Lynn Elise Slot, who died just a few months after this photo was taken.

Wayne Landin (DHS '66) helped with the photo I posted of the Presbyterian fundraising committee.   That is Rev. Donald Davidson in the center and his wife hidden behind the model of a church, which Ernie Wood is handing her.  Thanks, Wayne.  (His parents are on the right.  Bob Armstrong is on the far left.)

My thanks go to Randy Trncak (DHS '65) for help in identifying more children in Stephanie Youngblood Wilson's (DHS '65) photo of her kindergarten class at Mrs. Boyer's.  Randy told me that is Martha Greenwald on the swing at the far right with Roy Cordes, Jr. (DHS '65) and Danny Hrncir second from the left.  (I think I may have misidentified Danny as Bruce Edwards, Jr. when I originally posted this.)

Last, the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation is participating in Houston's 2016 FotoFest.  They are open on Thursday and Friday afternoons, as well as Saturdays.  (Call 281-494-0261 to confirm exact times.)  They have 8 new photos illustrating Sugar Land's era as a company town.