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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

More People of Old Sugar Land

I got a message from Linda Cruse Wilson (DHS '65) asking if I had a photo of her sister Blanche who attended Sugar Land High School, although the Cruse family lived in Fresno.  I have a 1947 Sugar Land annual, so I told her I'd check.  

I found her in the Class of '48, so she'd have been in the junior class that year,.  I have a graduation photo for the class from the following year, but Blanche doesn't appear in it.  In fact, the '47 annual shows 17 students in the class, but 15 graduated the following year.  Maybe Blanche moved over to Missouri City High School.

There are some very familiar faces (to me) in that class.  Click the image to view the album of selected photos from the '47 Gator yearbook.  (I saw my mother in the photo of the band class at the end.)
This next item is a few more excerpts from the '61 edition of The Log, Sugar Land Junior High's yearbook. I recognize many knuckleheads in there.  Click the image to view the album.
Finally, I want to thank Bill Fisher (DHS '71) for posting this family photo on Facebook.  It shows the Frank Fisher family when they lived in Kerrville in 1960. I may be wrong about this, but I think his father was principal at Pasadena High School before coming to Dulles in the early 1960s.