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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More People of Old Sugar Land

My thanks go to Debbie Batten Dunlap for posting this photo of her mother, Barbara Batten on the right, and her mother's sister, Mollie Williams on the left.  I'm sorry to report that Debbie's Aunt Mollie died recently.  My parents and I had the pleasure of visiting Mollie, her husband Bill, and their daughter Lara on a trip to Dover, England in the late 1970s.  We had a wonderful day.  To add to Barbara's misfortune, I understand she's been in the hospital recently.  Here's hoping there's a bright day coming very soon.

Some of you may have heard that Wayne Boehm has been in the hospital recently.  I want to thank his daughter, Jennifer Boehm Kocich, for keeping us informed and posting some photos on Facebook.  The first one appeared in The Imperial Crown, I think, and it shows him in the refinery lab.

Jennifer posted the next two, showing Wayne when he was in the US Army.

I'll never forget something Wayne said in an interview a few years ago about playing football at Sugar Land High School.  The interviewer asked, "What was it like playing guard in the Notre Dame Box?"  (The ND Box was a rare offensive formation the Gators used back then.)

Wayne said, "If you played the guard position in the Box, you had to be mean, fast, and dumb."  He laughed when he said that, and I still think it's funny. 

Another bit of bad news: Maxene Gary, my 1st grade teacher shown in our class photo from 1957, fell and broke her hip recently.  She's doing fine and rehabbing her way back to normality.  Hope she gets well very soon.
I think Robbie Harrington Raska posted the next photo on Facebook.  It shows her mother, Dot Powell Harrington, Judy Harrington Diamond, Kathy Harrington Spillers, Robbie, and Dot's granddaughter. I don't recall whose daughter she is, but I know she's a Harrington.  I think they were trying to decide if was time for plastic surgery.  (I don't think so.)
The next article came from The Imperial Crown issued in May 1955. It spotlights Lee and Delia Townsend.  Notice Lee was born near Clodine and attended Pleasant Green School, which predated M. R. Wood by several years.  Also notice he maintained the goldfish pond, which was a regular stop for me when I visited the refinery as a child.  (It's still there by the way.)
I found this article spotlighting Bud Jenkins in the June 1955 of The Imperial Crown.  The Kellys were neighbors to the Jenkins family when we lived on Guenther St. in the 1950s.  I grew up with Darlene, Belinda, Betty Ann, and Denise.  We had a ball in those days.
The next photos come from Ernie Wood's photo archive.  I'm not exactly sure about identifying everyone, but I recognize quite a few people.
Date & location are unknown to me, but that's Ernie, Bob Armstrong, Tom James, and (I think) Lou Armstrong.  I don't know the young girl on the floor.

I've posted this before.  It shows a fundraiser for the First Presbyterian Church.  L to right: Bob Armstrong, Ernie, the church pastor, Dolly and Kenneth Landin.

I'm reasonably certain that's Herbert Helmcamp, Lou Armstrong, and Ernie on a cruise.  That's the only photo of Mr. Helmcamp I have.

An undated photo (1980s?) of the Lee Shelton family.

An undated photo of the Shaw family, who lived out on Flanagan Road near the Friersons.  Mr. Shaw was a prison system employee.  His son Glen was in the Class of '67 at Dulles.

This is a photo of SLHS's Class of 1950.  They look sort of tough to me.

Commencement program for the Class of 1950 1952.(Oops, I posted the wrong program.)

Commencement program for the Class of 1950 1952.(Oops, I posted the wrong program.)

An undated photo (1970s?) of the Pamplin family.  (Thank you Vivian Pamplin Dimmock.)