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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

People of Imperial Sugar

The Lab

The Heitman brothers in 1961.

Bacteriologist Hugh Lynn at work in 1961.

Wayne Boehm checking samples in 1962.

Lillian Urban Grohman in 1964.

Unidentified men working in the lab.

Personnel Office

M. R. Wood School students touring the refinery in 1959.

Prairie View A&M students touring the refinery in 1959.

Ken Hall leading a tour group through the new Melt House in 1959.

W. H. Louiviere, Sr., Hugh Lynn, W. O. Caraway, and George Andre on a tour of the new Melt House in 1959.

Public visitors touring the new Melt House in 1959.

Tommie Green in 1963.

Betty Sue Douglas Lubajosky in 1967.

Mrs. Audrey Cooper, Mrs. Pat Jarrell, and Mrs. Gloria Krehmeier in 1969.

Betty Sue Douglas Lubajosky showing an Imperial gift box in the late 1960s.

Summer Hires

Matthew Hall, Daniel Stavinoha, Alec Horn, and Wayne Mayhood in the summer of 1968.

Cathy Louviere in the late 1960s.

Unidentified, Eddie Mendoza, Bill Coker, G. W. Melton, Ronnie Rivera, and unidentifed in the early 1970s.

Alfred Smallwood in the late 1960s.

Mitchell Hall in 1968.

Donnie Sampson in early 1960s.

Charles Ray Foy in the early 1960s.

Leon Anhaiser in the late 1950s.

Bobby Borowski in the late 1950s.