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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More People of Old Sugar Land

I forgot to mention in my last set of posts that long-time Sugar Land resident and teacher, Jimi Neal, died late last year.  Unfortunately, I don't have an obituary, but I wanted to send my condolences to David (DHS '67), Henry (DHS '69), and Emily (DHS '73).  Mark Schumann has the only photo of her I could find.  It shows her as his first grade teacher in 1965.  (Thanks, Mark, for this and the additional photos.)
Here's another photo of Mark and his sister, Karen, standing on 6th St. in 1961.  You can see Kempner Stadium in the background.
This photo shows Robert Schumann (SLHS '41), family friend Babe Fischer, and Herbert Schumann (SLHS '37) at the home of Max Schumann on 4th St. in 1941.  (Max was Robert and Herbert's father.)  Robert is wearing an A&M Corps of Cadets uniform.  Herbert is wearing his US Army uniform.

I received this final picture from Sandy Rogers at the Texas Prison Museum.  (They have a surprising number of Sugar Land items.)  It shows a Mrs. Horton, wife of an employee at the prison farm, in front of Pike's Cafe in Sugar Land.  The date must be around 1939.  (I tried identifying the truck but had little luck.)  The photographer was C. C. Springfield, who worked for the Texas prison system.  (Thanks, Sandy.)