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Sunday, March 26, 2017

More People of Old Sugar Land

I don't have a precise date for the first photo, but it shows Sugar Land's first city council and mayor watching as Fire Chief Soapy Borowski gives Albert Grohman his Assistant Fire Chief's cap. This must have happened in early 1961. I think the location may be the old fire house between the Char House and Oyster Creek.

I found the first two photos on Facebook and wanted to post it. I recognize some, but not all of the people shown, who were receiving Junior Achievement awards. They are all members of the Class of '71 at Dulles High School, I think.

The next photo comes from Facebook, too.  It's a clipping from The Fort Bend Mirror, showing class favorites in the sophomore year (1969) of Class of '71.

I found the final item in an issue of the Mirror published in December 1959. It shows Miss Louise Short, who was featured in the faculty profile column of the Viking Shield page of the paper.

Carolyn Earnest Watson posted on Facebook the following photo of an early 6th St. gang. The poses are terrific.  

Here's what Carolyn said:

"This was in our back yard in Sugar Land. Red Binford, Archie Milam, and Charles Greggs are also in the picture, plus my brother Billy standing behind Charles."

BJ Binford Pitts is the damsel in distress with her hands up.