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Sunday, March 26, 2017

More Images of Old Sugar Land

I have posted the following image before, but I enjoy studying it because it shows the 'Flats' in 1955. This is the neighborhood where my family lived, and this is the way I Sugar Land appears in my earliest memories.

This next photo shows houses on the west side of Brooks St. just after completion in the early 1920s. If you compare it to the preceding photo, you'll see that trees and shrubbery between the sidewalk and the street have grown considerably in the intervening 30 years.

The next two photos show a cafe near the northern boundary of the refinery in the early 1960s. I've seen references that call it Mamie Bell's or Mattie Pipe's Restaurant. You can see the Melt House tower in the background. These photos were taken because the building would be razed for northward expansion of the refinery.

We have this photo of Mayfield Park from the 1920s. It shows the same general area where the restaurant was located. It could be either of the two buildings I have noted.