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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Little Texas History

We are getting close to the 'High Holy Days,' or 'Advent Season' of Texas History.  I thought I'd begin posting items relating to the battle for independence. 

This first item is a photo of William B. Travis's home in Alabama.  It is now located in Claiborne but was originally constructed in Perdue Hill.  I wonder how many people know Travis was 26-years old when he died at the Alamo?

Of course, I'm jumping the gun a little bit.  Ben Milam led the capture of San Antonio in November 1835, which resulted in the Texians' occupation of the Alamo.  Click here to read a rather lengthy account of the Battle of Bexar, but worth reading if you have the time.  It was written in 1843 by Herman Ehrenberg, a participant in the conflict.